Registration & Fees

Registration & Fees

The 2020 hockey season is scheduled to commence on Saturday the 24th of July for seniors and Saturday the 25th of July for juniors. We're including our bank account information for you below so that you can pay your 'Beaches Fees' via direct deposit. Beaches fees are seperate from your online registration and in club fees and cover your turf fees, club affliation and training. Please note that we have reduced our fees to reflect the shortened season in 2020.

Junior Hockey Fees


Minkey / U7 $15.00  (was $25.00)
U9's $27.00  (was $45.00) 
U11's $45.00  (was $75.00)
U13's $51.00  (was $85.00)
U16's $51.00  (was $85.00)


Senior Hockey Fees

U18 $114.00 (if not playing juniors)
Over 18  $114.00 (was $190.00)
Registered junior $100.00 (on top of your junior fees)


Bank Details

BCU Coffs Harbour

BSB No. 533000
Account No.  25445 (s11 if transferring from a BCU account)